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Leska the Label 

Eco-friendly designs for tiny humans.

Lovingly Crafted Baby Essentials

Embark on a delightful journey through our handpicked selection of toys, clothing, and silicone dinnerware for babies. Located in the heart of Kingscliff, Leska the Label is proud to bring warmth and joy into your little one's world while championing high-quality, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing products. Our versatile range celebrates the tenderness of childhood, making everyday moments extraordinary. As a trusted Australian brand, our baby shop offer shipping services throughout Australia and New Zealand, spreading love and care beyond boundaries.

Our creative journey begins at our bright, bustling studio in Kingscliff, where ideas come alive. Just a short distance away in Burleigh Heads, our efficient warehouse stands as a testament to our commitment to deliver your orders in a timely and reliable manner. It is here we pack each order with care, ensuring safe and swift delivery right to your doorstep. At Leska the Label, we believe in nurturing connections with you and your babies through our products and our service.


Silicone Dinnerware

Introducing our colourful and kid-friendly silicone dinnerware range. Safe, practical, and easy to clean, our silicone dinnerware is a joy for both parents and little ones.


Sustainable Clothing

Discover our sustainable clothing, a collection that marries comfort and sustainability. We understand your little one's skin needs a gentle touch, and our clothing delivers just that.


Eco-Friendly Toys

Step into a world of fun and learning with our eco-friendly toys. Play is a vital part of a child's development, and our toys are designed to inspire creativity, cognitive growth and motor skills.


Silicone Bibs

Free Shipping for orders over $100


Silicone Plates

Fostering Cherished Moments

We believe that every toy, outfit, and dinnerware piece should be a vessel of joy, comfort, and exploration for your child. Our collections are designed to inspire creativity, kindle imagination, and promote learning in the most enjoyable way possible. Be it through our whimsical toys that encourage playful discovery, our soft and comfortable clothing that’s perfect for a day of adventure, or our vibrant silicone dinnerware that makes mealtime a fun and mess-free experience.


We source premium materials, ensuring every product is safe, durable, and delightful to touch. All these efforts go into crafting pieces that are not just products but become part of your child's cherished memories. With Leska the Label, you are choosing love, care, and a touch of wonder for your little ones.


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